Everyday Pluralism

Pluralism has been by far one of the hardest things to write about, and I think that’s because I’m thinking too hard about it. When I look up pluralism and the ways we embrace it I see things that I do and perspectives I try to see on a daily basis. How do you reflect and write on something you do every day? 

I’ve always had the personal belief that to really know one’s culture one must experience it. This to me has been a way that I connect with others, by engaging in their culture and appreciating their differences. I have witnessed cultures from Mexico, Jamaica, Italy, France, and various parts of the United States including Native Tribes in the Southern Region. All of them have cultural differences influenced by religious beliefs, traditions and age that fosters a more meaningful interaction with people.

I consider myself to be open minded, I try to see things from multiple angles and perspectives. This way of thinking has actually changed the way I resolve conflict between myself and others, engage in complex issues and have empathy for people. Being open minded has made me a more compassionate person and has helped me find common ground amidst different people. 

Really pluralism has enriched my life and my personal development. Accepting and embracing others and their differences has equipped me to navigate a diverse world with empathy and understanding, enhancing my life and those around me. 

~Candice Carver

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