Valentine’s Day – Ecology of Love

With this theme of ecology, we are spending this month honoring our connection to the environment.  We see the results of our self-centered carelessness in the many environmental crises that we face today.  We know that our actions have to change if we are to reverse the destruction that we have wrought, and return to a healthy relationship with our planet.  Learning to care for the earth is a responsibility we must embrace for our own survival.

Today is a day dedicated to honoring Love, and it occurs to me that there are many parallels between ecology and our personal loving relationships.  There is a similar kind of mutualism which, if we understand the dynamics, can help us to achieve sustainability in both realms of connection.  Love, like the environment, is at once fragile and resilient.  Both require our conscious care in order to  remain healthy and thrive…

Listen attentively – your partner’s needs will become evident if you pay attention and honestly communicate.  As with the earth, which shows us very clearly when she is in need of our attention and care.

Nurture the connection – the sustainability of Love is directly proportional to the effort we put forth to nurture it.  As with the earth which, like a neglected lover, will cease to provide us with the resources we depend on if we do not put forth effort on her behalf.

Let go of control – When we desire to dominate and control those we love, putting our own needs ahead of all else and ignoring the needs of our partner, we find that the health of the relationship suffers.  As with the earth, it is when we act in harmony with her best interests that we are able to grow and thrive together.

In our Loving relationships, as with the environment, we cannot expect to go on indefinitely taking without giving something of ourselves back.  We cannot expect Love (or the planet) to flourish in the absence of genuine devoted attention.

May your Loving relationships be healthy and your connection be strong, as with the earth.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

~ Christiana  


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