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Be prepared!

Listening to the weather and news this week that seems to be a battle cry.  Every news reporter and weather person was urging preparation.  We are maybe in a little over reaction to the storm that caused so much difficulty in 2014.  However, no one was able to really tell us what we are supposed to be ready for…rain?…snow?…ice?…all the above probably.

Is this not a little bit like we have to live our lives?  We don’t know what’s coming but sure as everything, life will bring us something possibly something unexpected.  We need to plan, prepare, and react to the changes that are forced upon us.

So, what in the world are we getting ready for?  That is what makes life interesting.   Sometimes fun and sometimes not so much.  This uncertainty is why we need to enjoy all of the small moments of joy and beauty that we are given. It is also why we need to try to bring those near to us smiles, laughs and hugs when those things are needed.

You never know when a smile or a kind word might be just exactly what someone needs.  We can all make this world a better place if only we can be prepared to be kind and compassionate to those around us.

Bob Watson

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