Finding My Way

I never belonged to any group during my childhood. My mom is Puerto Rican. My father is a first generation Mexican-American. You would think that I would have a rich Latin heritage, but I don’t. 

My mother decided not to teach me Spanish. I was brought up speaking only English. She didn’t want to live in a Latin neighborhood because of the gossip. She actually told me that. I cook awesome Puerto Rican and Mexican food. That was the only thing I was taught of my heritage, how to cook. 

I never belonged to any racial group. I was always an outsider. In one way, it helped me because I have a curiosity of other cultures. My friends come from many different backgrounds. My best friend in elementary school was an  African American girl named Deondre. My best friend in high school was a Caucasian girl named Tammy.  I wasn’t obligated to only be with my own people.

I never had a true sense of belonging. You know, that’s okay with me. I’m free to explore different cultures, different foods and different celebrations of this beautiful world. Life can be rich, not belonging to any certain group. 

~ Rita Romero

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5 Responses to Finding My Way

  1. Lydia says:

    Thank you for sharing this rich part of yourself!

  2. Peggy A says:

    What a great conclusion you made for not having a true sense of belonging to any one group that life can be rich not belonging to any certain group!

  3. Katrina says:

    I appreciate knowing this about you. Your personal story enriches our relationship and makes me think about my own story. I think I know my mother better now than ever before. Its an age thing. I understand her at 65 years , making choices about what to “pass on” to her children. Mostly good stuff / High expectations / Catholic belief system that was hard to question and grow from, but She provided Lots of opportunity to grow through the arts. I think cooking is a gift of the ages. It is a spiritual and cultural pathway that can be harvested again and again. ( I bet you are a great cook!)

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