New Year’s Day: Lunar Birth

Crescent Moon

This New Year’s Day is an exceptional one – today, not only is a new year upon us, but so is a perigree new moon; what is known as a “supermoon” (in reference to the closeness of the moon to the earth in its orbit).  Which creates the optimal climate for new beginnings.

Today affords us an extraordinary opportunity to release our fears and trust the divine energy of the universe to work in conjunction with our desires.  What do you wish for yourself in the year ahead?  Will you continue on your current path, or will your journey take a new road?  Are you making changes, or remaining with your present positive trajectory?  Take a few moments today to set your intention, and allow the powerful energy of the new moon to deepen your commitment and enhance your resolve.  Today is the ideal time to embrace the limitless possibilities.

This phase also presents us with an opportunity to trust the dark.  Just as the new moon is not visible to us in the night sky, the realization of our goals is not always visible at the outset.  The new moon allows us to give birth to our intentions in the serene and nurturing environment of the darkness, and to trust that our efforts will bring these desires to fruition.

Today, trust yourself to be capable of accomplishing the goals you set for yourself this year, and trust that the Universe is on your side as you take action to do so.

And may you have a happy, healthy, prosperous year ahead.

~ Christiana 

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