The Playground – Win, Lose, or Draw: Playing Alone

Our third Principal calls us to accept each other as we are and to encourage spiritual growth.  The first step to this is accepting ourselves and our own growth.

When I was younger, I was bullied in school a lot.  I finished work faster than others, and I read a lot.  During recess, I was content to find a shady hill and read, and I always had at least three books with me.  In the first grade, I was told that I shouldn’t be reading these kinds of books yet; and in the second grade, I was called a loser and a nerd.

I eventually came to understand that what others found weird about me was a strength that I carry to this day.  But before others would be willing to see that, I had to see it in myself.

A lot of people go through this, especially introverts.  What is frequently perceived on the outside as a stuck up person who doesn’t want to play, is often someone who gains energy from quiet and who grows through observation, rather than through experience with others.  The video below is about a boy who was very quiet around others.  A boy who, when others didn’t want to play, created an entire world from his surroundings.

The key to his story, and to the resolution of mine, is the one person who noticed and accepted us, and encouraged our growth.  Even to people like me, who thrive within themselves, the acceptance of one person can mean the world and encourage a whole new range of growth, creativity, and play.

We’re going to finish this together.  

Miriam Patrick

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  1. Barbara Stahnke says:

    Yes we will. Blessings be on us all.

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