Sustenance: The Sound of Silence

In our world, there is no such thing as true silence; even the quiet moments are filled with ambient sound.  Birds chirping, leaves rustling, the whirr of an air conditioning unit or a laundry machine, the hum of a computer…  the background music of modern life.  But when we remove ourselves from the noise of the day and quiet the chatter in our minds, when we can relax into the sounds of silence, we are able to gain a measure of peace that isn’t found elsewhere.

We work, we travel, we plan, we clean, we play, we worry…  Commitments and schedules can become overwhelming, and in order to preserve and nurture our own well being it is essential for us to reach deeper.  Deftly navigating the chaos of modern life requires us to pause once in awhile, seek a silent moment (or more), and attentively listen for the things we don’t hear when we are actively engaged in doing.

Are there moments in your life that you can devote to the practice of seeking silence?  Perhaps upon waking in the morning, even choosing to set the alarm for a few minutes earlier to afford yourself the time to simply be, before the rush of the day begins…  Perhaps mid-day, removing yourself – either physically or just thoughtfully – from the day’s activity and breathing deeply until you achieve that sense of stillness…  Perhaps at the end of the day before retiring for the night, taking a few moments to yourself to quietly release the stresses of the day that is behind you…

Cultivating silent moments gives you an opportunity to hear the “still small voice” within that is often drowned out by extraneous noise.  Living into silence is becoming actively engaged in being.

How can you find ways to insert silence into your day?  Into your life?  What do you hear in your silence?

~ Christiana

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