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Listening: and Silence

One of the reasons I appreciate silence is my acute awareness of how very uncommon it is.  I grew up in New York City.  There, the opportunity to commune with silence is not just rare, it’s nonexistent.  There is a … Continue reading

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Sustenance: The Sound of Silence

In our world, there is no such thing as true silence; even the quiet moments are filled with ambient sound.  Birds chirping, leaves rustling, the whirr of an air conditioning unit or a laundry machine, the hum of a computer…  … Continue reading

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Christmas Day: Silent Night Meditation

 . Silent Night, Be still and quiet.  Let the sound of silence envelop you and provide comfort. Holy Night. Feel the divine energy of the Universe in the air; open your heart to the hope it offers. All is calm, … Continue reading

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Advent (Joy): Winter’s Solstice

Joy takes on the color of its surroundings.  Today is the shortest day of the year because, as the ancients had it, the Sun is dying.  That is the color of Joy today.  Don’t stop reading.  Joy can, indeed, be … Continue reading

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Storehouse: Fire Meditation

The darkest time of the year, which we are now quickly approaching, affords no abundance of food, natural beauty or temperate weather.  It is dark, cold and wet.  Nothing grows.  We naturally light fires. Jesus was called “sol invictus,” the … Continue reading

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Harvest: Silence

How often do you find yourself complaining about too much quiet?  If you are like me, that doesn’t happen too often.  In fact, my world is so filled with noise that I find that I have learned to tune things … Continue reading

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