Sustenance: Grandmother’s Daffodils

When I was growing up in Macon, GA we went frequently to my Dad’s home place in Warner Robins.  It was about a 30 to 45 minute ride but was out in the country for me.  Memories of these visits to my Grandmother (Mama Watson) are special to me as are memories of my Grandmother.

Mama Watson was a tiny lady, maybe five feet tall and 95 pounds and a powerhouse of southern gentility.  Her two daughters who lived with her were wonderful aunts who loved children and were always fun to be with.  The big rambling farmhouse with its wrap-around porch held many places to explore.  The large property with old barns, sheds, smokehouses and such was a grand place to run and play.

Mama Watson loved her flower garden and at some time before I was born must have spent many hours planting and tending the roses and all the other flowers and plants.  There were walks defined by daffodils that were normally the first blooms of Spring.

Years later, after my Grandmother and Aunts had moved to a smaller place, the property was developed and a small shopping area anchored by a Piggly Wiggly grocery store was built.  The area where Mama Watson’s flower garden had been was covered over by an asphalt parking lot.  It was a sad sight for me.  The first spring after the stores opened, those daffodils pushed their way through several inches of asphalt and bloomed as they had for years.  The paths in the old flower garden were clearly evident to all who knew the garden layout.  For several years this continued, until finally the asphalt and time won out over the bulbs.

When we go about our lives we can sow smiles, love, compassion, and joy that will be around for a long time, much like grandmother’s daffodils.

Which of your memories bring a smile to your heart?  Which of your memories sustain a compassionate, joyful perspective?

Bob Watson

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