Sustenance: Saying “Yes!”

image ©Paul Barfoot

image ©Paul Barfoot

Just as long as I have breath, I must answer, ‘Yes’ to life;
though with pain I made my way, still with hope I meet each day.
If they ask what I did well, tell them I said, ‘Yes’, to life.*

Fundamental to the experience of life as a human being on this planet is having the faith and the courage to face the myriad complexities and challenges inevitable along the journey.  This means setting aside fear and looking forward with hope.  Making the choice to see the possibilities inherent in every moment sustains us.

Just as long as vision lasts, I must answer, ‘Yes’ to truth;
in my dream and in my dark, always: that elusive spark.
If they ask what I did well, tell them I said, ‘Yes’ to truth.*

Recognizing truth when we encounter it requires us to listen and be open to what we hear; even when it is new, even when it may initially seem to contradict whet we thought we knew.  Listen, heart open, and allow truth to resonate through your being.

Just as long as my heart beats, I must answer, ‘Yes’ to love;
disappointment pierced me through, still I kept on loving you.
If they ask what I did best, tell them I said, ‘Yes’ to love.* 

Realizing that life is both fragile and finite, surround yourself with people you Love, open your heart to accept being Loved, even though you may risk pain in doing so.  Inviting Love in at every opportunity, receiving Love with grace and gratitude, sustains us through the darkest moments.

See, listen, feel…  and take action in the direction of life and truth and Love.  Every day we make a choice.  What will you say yes to today?

~ Christiana 


*Lyrics ©Alicia S. Carpenter, 1981


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