Who Are You Listening To?

When you were born, there was only one Voice.  It whispered from inside your heart, and it sang to you of your own divinity.

Very quickly the noise of the world began to take great pains to drown out the one Voice within you.  There are people in the world for whom the cacophony of noise succeeded in silencing this voice, whose own souls have fallen deaf to the song of truth inside them, and they will sadly spend their lives trying to silence it in you.  They will join the noise with their own discordant voices that will tell you that you are less than, that there are limits and limitations on who you can be, that who you are is simply wrong.

These voices may take many audible forms.  They will sound like a shout.  Or a slap.  Or a gunshot…

And you may be tempted to believe the voices, because they are so loud that you are deafened to the whisper of the one Voice that you used to heed.  Or perhaps you feel compelled to give in to the inclination to raise your own voice in opposition with a similar timbre – to shout, or slap, or shoot back.

Resist the temptation.  Do not let them compose a vengeful score or instigate a violent silence.

Breathe, and listen deeply.  Listen into your heart and you will hear the Voice of Love that whispers, still through the painful, desperate clangor of rage and hate.  The Voice that sings that we are all one humanity.  That we are brothers and sisters and cousins with the same Voice of divinity inside of us.  Individuals who share the experience of living.

The Voice that sings the lyric, “Love is Love is Life is You.”

Let this be the voice that guides you forward.  Let this, the voice of your divine spirit, be the voice that heals you and leads you to your strength.

Let this be the voice that unites us.

~ Christiana  

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4 Responses to Who Are You Listening To?

  1. Barbara Stahnke says:

    This is beautiful.

  2. Peggy averyt says:

    Thank you for these beautiful words today.

  3. Nancy says:

    So beautifully written and so needed to hear and feel. Thank you, this truly resonates with my spirit.

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