Sustenance: Earth Meditation

Sit somewhere that allows you contact with the Earth.  Perhaps you can actually sit outside on a deck or porch.  Perhaps you can sit near a window so that you can see outside or hear birds sing.  Sit comfortably, feet flat on the floor, hands gently resting in your lap.

Allow yourself to take in of the earth what you can:  sights, sounds, smells.  Whatever you can take in, notice the texture of the smell.  Is there humidity in the air?  The scent of things blooming?  Is there color, and if so how many shades do you notice?  What kinds of sounds do you hear?  Birds singing?  The wind blowing?  Is there the sound of rain or the silence of a still day?  If you are outside, notice the touch of temperature and air on your skin, the texture of grass and ground if your feet are touching them.  With each sensation, allow your body, mind and soul to take in what the earth is offering you, right now, for free.  As each texture of each sensation passes into you, notice how it touches you and changes you.  What is there in each to be grateful for?  Offer that gratitude back to the Earth, back to the Source of All.

After your offering of gratitude, bring yourself and your attention to your own life and path today.  What will you do?  With whom will you do it?  How will you go about doing these things?  What resources will you need: of time, of money, of food, of friendship and other human relations?  Notice the places where you can influence the outcome of these activities.  Are there ways to engage these activities in a way that is more gentle to the earth, to the environment, to other beings: minerals, plants, animals, and people?  Take a moment and decide how you will act today in concert with your activities to affect the Earth and your fellow beings gently, compassionately, responsibly.

Certain images or ideas may come to you in this meditation.  Take note of them.  Remain open to what they mean and what they want to say to you today, and respond when it seems appropriate.

Bob Patrick

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