Love as a State of Consciousness

What is the “path of love” state of consciousness? It is the state that is considered the very core of many spiritual traditions and paths, particularly the ones that are called “mystical”. It is obtained by practices and not creeds, so can be experienced within a variety of belief systems. In some of these, benevolent beings share love that encompasses those who connect with them devotionally and personally. In monotheism, God, no matter how referred to or named, is identified as being Love itself, so that to exist in love is existing in God, even in an eternal state! For others, including rationalists, it is the “highest” and most life-preserving emotion that we can have that supports health, survival, and longevity. 

What brings us into this state of consciousness? Firstly, it is the experience of being loved unconditionally. Ideally we experience this at least in part in infancy and childhood though for some of us we had to experience this later on. We may have to put ourselves in situations like a chosen family, affinity groups, therapy, spiritual groups, and/or church to bring pieces of unconditional love together! We love because first we are loved! Experiences with pets, beautiful places, and inspiring literature may also contribute to this feeling of being loved. 

Because I had some of these experiences, once I was loved enough to get beyond the fear of punishment in my family tradition, I began opening to consider love as the real and true force of meaning, purpose, ecstasy, and the ability to slog through a lot of poo to reach the fountain of life!

I could hear it when I listened to favorite musicians, and could feel it in Frodo’s struggles in the Lord of the Rings by Tolkien! It was reflected in those I worked with in addiction treatment programs, in marches to end wars and clamor for equality, and in my friends and colleagues! 

~Daniel Bailey

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  1. katrina says:

    Daniel, as you describe unconditional Love and how it has spread through you life, and brought you to your current self, I think of a well curated playlist . You make determinations , thumbs up or down, about what love is and how it plays out in your life.
    A very comprehensive playlist to be Sure !!!!

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