Love, Mother Earth

Dear Children of Mine,

As the winds whisper through the trees and the rivers continue their ceaseless flow, I find a moment to speak to you. It’s time for us to talk about the future – our future – and how we can nurture it, one small change at a time.

You walk upon my skin, breathe my air, and live off the bounty I provide. But, in the rush of your lives, it’s easy to forget that we are connected in an intricate network of life, each dependent on the other for survival and health.

Let’s talk about how we can forge a new path of mindfulness and care. It begins with small actions and changes in your daily routines. Consider products you use, and the food you consume. Each decision you make, no matter how minor it seems, echoes across the valleys and mountains, through the forests and oceans.

Imagine if you decided to reduce your waste, to say no to a single-use plastic item, or to plant a tree. These acts, though small, ripple through our connected lives, fostering an interdependent world between humanity and nature.

Let’s commit to these small changes, not just today but every day. Recycle, compost, shop locally and support sustainable practices. Each action is a step towards a healthier planet, a testament to your love and care for the home that cradles us all.

Remember, my strength is your strength; my health is your health. As we move forward, let’s do so with the understanding that we are custodians of a precious gift. Let’s cherish and protect it, for ourselves and for the generations to come.


Your Mother Earth

~Candice C. Carver

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3 Responses to Love, Mother Earth

  1. Lydia M Patrick says:

    This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. katrina P yurko says:

    This is ancient wisdom, and, it is also the conversation that moves us toward our future. The conversation we renew at each step that inhibits our progress. I accept that I can’t save the earth. What I can do is choose my relationship to it .

  3. Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones says:

    “Listen to the Earth”–the theme for Sunday, April 21. I love being among people who are so tuned in!

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