Sowing: The Marvel of Dandelions

Dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) are weeds, as we all know.   They are the nemesis of many a gardener, as well as those who attempt to cultivate vast, pristine lawns.  But they are also beneficial, providing food for honeybees, and unique nutritional and medicinal benefit for us (should we choose to partake of their hearty, bitter flavor). And they are a brilliant example of nature’s engineering genius.

Image ©Doug Wheller

Image ©Doug Wheller

Dandelions grow virtually worldwide, they spread under more adverse conditions than most other plants, and are more difficult to exterminate.  Dandelion seeds are a marvel!  Not only can they germinate without long periods of dormancy (in fact, their seeds are ready to germinate as early as a single day after the seed ball develops), but they come naturally equipped with their own “wings” which enable their dispersal – aided by the wind – over very long distances.  Dandelion seeds sow themselves.

Each of us faces the prospect of change in a different way.  Whether it is beginning a new job or career path, facing an illness or period of grief, moving to a new home…  When you are on the brink of a change in your life, can you see yourself as a dandelion seed?  Ready to fly gently into the unknown?  Strong and resilient enough to face possible adverse conditions?  Resistant to all efforts by outside forces to thwart your intentions?  Trusting that your personal inner parachute will enable you to land softly where the wind takes you?

What are the “wings” that allow you to fly into new phases of your life courageously?  What aids you on your journey toward growth?

~ Christiana  

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