Foundations: Bones

We know that the basic frame of our embodied life consists of our bones, our skeleton.  We could go much smaller, to compounds, atoms, and even  subatomic particles, but we only have to go as far as bones to see that at that level, we all “look” alike.

What are the “bones” of your most true self?  When you remove all of the “stuff” that frequently complicates and interferes with the best life that you can live, what’s left?  What are the bones?  What is and who are the true you?

Watch this. Perhaps it will help.  If you feel so moved, make a comment about what you find in your bones.

Bob Patrick

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2 Responses to Foundations: Bones

  1. June Warfield says:

    My bones are dynamic, not static. What they are has continued to evolve throughout my life. But today, they contain
    * Love of many kinds (it would be great if English had as many words as Greek!).
    * Loyalty, integrity, commitment, gratitude.
    * A sense of wanderlust, suppressed somewhat by a need for safety and a desire for a comfortable environment.
    * An OCD need for organization, exacerbated by an increasing difficulty with short term memory.
    * Anxiety about the future, mitigated by the wisdom of the “Serenity Prayer”

  2. Jen Garrison says:

    What’s in my bones? Strength, curiosity, a knowing, growth through pain. Sometimes I am shy about showing my whole true self, afraid I will be shunned. That’s really a shame, because when it come down to it, I like who I am. I have worked hard to grow into who I am. If someone does not like that, it’s their loss. I would be better off to spend time with people who affirm who I am wholly. UUCG is that place, with friends who see Jen.

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