Sowing Magic

Sowing seeds is an act of faith.  You take a few specks, press them into some dirt, give them a drink, and then… really, you’re dependent on magic for the rest.  But magic does deliver, else we wouldn’t continue to sow.  Seeds of kindness work much the same way.  We cast them out, maybe nurture them a little, but the rest we must trust to magic.

In a garden, we don’t know which seeds will actually sprout and we don’t really care.  In fact, we intentionally sow many more than we need.  In relationships, we’re not assured that a particular kindness will be rewarded.  We just know that overall the system works.

We sow kindness; we reap kindness.  We sow joy, and joy returns to us.  The other magic of sowing is that the process produces far more than we started with.  Plants that emerge provide seeds for the next season and so on and so on.

Sometimes we get caught up in a tit-for-tat mentality.  “I invited her to lunch, but she didn’t reciprocate.”  We might seek revenge when we’ve been wronged.  But karma is a big picture process.  We may not always directly witness the results.  Remember that there is benefit in the giving itself, and sometimes the smallest kindness has huge repercussions we could never anticipate.

So cast your blessings far and wide. The wind of magic is waiting to carry your seeds.

Lorena Gay Griffin

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3 Responses to Sowing Magic

  1. Kristin Allen says:

    These seed analogies are really good, especially this one.

  2. Peggy Averyt says:

    Yes, I love today’s analogy, too. Wonderful words of inspiration!

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