Sowing: Trust and Faith

Trust and faith are parallels to each other, and I believe they are necessary elements to living a joyful life.  We need to believe in possibilities.  We must trust that our dreams are achievable.  We have to have faith that the seeds we sow will grow and blossom.

Nothing more perfectly symbolizes faith than planting seeds.  Seeds are beautifully designed little capsules of hope and promise.  They contain the future.  It takes faith to continue sowing seeds even when we can’t yet see the fruit of our efforts.  It takes faith to keep practicing, to make good choices, to keep working toward the goal when it remains just out of sight.   What keeps us going is our continued faith that the seeds we plant will sprout and grow when conditions are right.

One way to sow the seeds of faith is to trust yourself to know what is best for you.  Breathe and listen to what your heart has to tell you.  Look inside and see what your soul already knows.  Even if you have made poor decisions in the past, trust that the lessons presented to you through their effects were ones that you needed to learn, experiences which aided in your growth.  Release the anxiety associated with mistakes of the past, and let go of the worry – the “what if” – that you’ve attached to following your own intuition.  Trust yourself again.  The still, small voice within that offers you its wisdom – whether for you that is the voice of God, or instinct, or your soul – it belongs to you.  Its whispers are for you alone, and it is inherently worthy of your trust.  Allow yourself to heed its message, and continue sowing your seeds of possibility.  Have faith.

~ Christiana


The Words of Wisdom? is a publication of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Gwinnett.

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