Flight: Spring Cleaning

Currently I am engaged in the wondrous tradition known as Spring Cleaning: going room by room, throughout my home, clearing out the clutter, and cleaning out the dirt.  I actually engage in this practice twice a year because, you know, stuff.  It never ceases to amaze me how much superfluous “stuff” we as a family (and as individuals) accumulate, and how much dust we generate.  What no longer ceases to amaze me is how much it weighs us down.  Hence my enthusiasm for Spring Cleaning.

The physical environment that we live in has a tremendous impact on our energy and mood.  From the amount of light in a space, to the quality of the air, to the ease with which you can physically navigate a room; every element of your home affects how you feel moment-to-moment.  The empowering part about this is that each of us has complete control over this aspect of our lives.

Take a look around the space that you inhabit.  Does what you see uplift you?  If your response is anything but positive – and you can feel that response in your very soul, can’t you? – it’s time for some action.  I have found that the most impactful thing you can do initially is open (or clean) your windows.  You will be surprised how much allowing some radiant sunlight into your space inspires an immediate boost to your energy and outlook.

As I clean, I find it inspiring to shift my focus to tune in to my world beyond the realm of the physical.   I ask myself: What else might you be holding on to that you would benefit from releasing?  Anger, resentment, fear, grief, old stale attitudes that are simply no longer serving you…?  As you clear out your personal spaces, can you address the clearing out of your emotional spaces as well?

Whether or not your spirit is able to take wing and soar is directly tied to how much you are holding on to that might be weighing you down.  Can you do what is necessary – whatever that looks like for you – to untether yourself from the clutter (both emotional and physical) that keeps you from flying?

~ Christiana 

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