Flight: Impossible Dreams

A bird is born with the capacity for flight.  It needs to learn the skill, but the instinct and ability are inherent within it.

A butterfly must become a completely new version of its original self in order to fly, but once it does, flying is its main occupation.

The Wright Brothers; first powered flight

“If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really is true, then there would be little hope for advance” – Orville Wright

And then there are human beings.  We, as a species, spent millennia observing birds and butterflies, dreaming of obtaining the ability to fly.  It took the faith and imagination of dreamers, the ingenuity and diligence of inventors, and the persistence and creativity of innovators to develop technology over centuries which eventually enabled us to create and manufacture the capacity for humans to achieve flight using external mechanical means.

And it took a complete dismissal of the idea of “impossible”.

How many times during your youth did you hear from your parents and your teachers, “there is no such thing as ‘can’t’”?  When we completely reject the notion that our achievement is inaccessible, when failure simply is not an option from which we can choose, what would otherwise have been outside our reach becomes attainable.

Just because you may not have been “born” to do something, just because it may not come naturally, doesn’t mean it is outside of the realm of possibility. We do not need to accept a truth that is given to us, we can create a truth of our choosing.  Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Believe in possibility.  Then build yourself a set of wings and take flight.

What has not been possible for you up to now that you can believe is possible today?  What is your truth?

~ Christiana

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