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The Kitchen: What We Bring to the Table

I hate my kitchen. Years ago, when I first set foot in this kitchen as a prospective home buyer, it was the thing I liked least about this house.  It is old (the house was built in the late 80s), … Continue reading

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Sustenance: Call a Waah-mbulance

I was sitting under an umbrella near our local pool the other day, while my children played in the water.  My youngest son had just finished complaining about how hard it is to be ten years old, because none of … Continue reading

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Flight: Impossible Dreams

A bird is born with the capacity for flight.  It needs to learn the skill, but the instinct and ability are inherent within it. A butterfly must become a completely new version of its original self in order to fly, … Continue reading

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Birth: Making Choices, Being in Control

There is only one thing we can control in life — our own self. We can control our thoughts, our emotions, our responses. We can observe behaviors and reactions and realize we made a choice. Therefore, we could choose a … Continue reading

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