Practicing Pluralism

I just returned home from attending the Beltane service with the Druids at UUCG. I don’t consider myself to be a practicing Druid per se. I have visited various rituals with the Druids for my own curiosity and education as a Unitarian Universalist. I am aware that many in the Druid group are polytheistic, however in my beliefs I am monotheistic. I also believe that the Divine is both masculine and feminine, and neither. I find God or the Divine difficult to define, yet the mystery is incredibly intriguing when I look up at the stars or enjoy time in nature near sources of water.

This exploration has been eye-opening to me as I embrace my Unitarian Universalist faith. I was raised Southern Baptist, but I now know that I was UU in my heart ever since I started talking to God/the Divine as a child in the woods behind my house. Although I feel differences between my beliefs and those of my Druid friends, I still enjoy the communion that comes with being embraced by the Druids at UUCG.

I have been pondering what pluralism means to me and my experience at the Beltane ritual. I think is it in action. Exploring and considering possibilities beyond what we ‘know’ is a way of opening up our hearts to fresh ideas, inspirations and energy. I chose to focus my energy and thoughts at Beltane on my renewal of energy and life. I’ve been struggling with bipolar depression throughout the pandemic and beyond, but the Druid ritual helped to start the healing of my mind, body and spirit. Blessed Be. 

~Jen Garrison

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2 Responses to Practicing Pluralism

  1. Candice C Carver says:

    I’m so glad you join us at the Rituals and that you get so much from it.

  2. Peggy A says:

    Jen, I admire how you are always willing to explore new ideas and spiritual paths. You inspire me in so many ways.

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