Spiritual Pluralism

When I was growing up with my mom I was surrounded by many people in my life that had different views on religion. My grandparents were Buddhist, my friend’s mother was a Seventh Day Adventist, and my sister and I would go to church with them. I had friends that were Catholic, Jewish and just you know… Christian in general. 

One day while “practicing” fishing I announced to my sister and our friends that I was Buddhist and would start practicing Buddhism. I was ridiculed and told I would be going to hell if I did that. 

At that age I got mad, broke down crying and ran off. I continued to attend the Seventh Day Adventist Church with my friend during the school year, and in the summer when I spent time with my grandparents I’d go to the Buddhist temple and chant. Why couldn’t I do both? 

When I moved in with my dad all that changed and I was no longer able to practice Buddhism. We went to a small Southern Baptist Church and my father was a staunch born again Christian. I spent six years in my own dark ages not being able to discover other religions. 

I now feel like I’ve had a late start in discovering my own spiritual self. I started practicing solitary Wicca fifteen years ago and five years ago started practicing Druidism with the Sylvan Sanctuary Druids at UUCG. Everyday I discover new spiritual practices from other religions that align with my values or offer me the opportunity to look deeper into myself to strengthen my spiritual beliefs.
In a way I practice spiritual pluralism, I think a lot of people do without really realizing it. 

~Candice C Carver

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