Harbor: Hope

“I know this rose will open.

I know my fear will burn away. 

I know my heart will unfurl its wings.

I know this rose will open.”

~ Mary E. Grigolia

image ©Robert Patrick

This rose burst into bloom two days ago, on the cusp of November, when a flower like this has no business blooming.  How could it know that its presence would be remarkable?  How can any of us ever know what will come?  Any “knowledge” of the future is simply faith that things will happen the way we believe they will.

I know this rose will open. 

These words are a statement of faith. They are a declaration that, although I see before me just a bud with no visible evidence of imminent flowering, I am confident it will bloom, even under adverse circumstances.

Even though in any given moment the atmosphere may seem bleak and unforgiving, I am confident things will improve.  It is this faith – this knowledge – which serves to provide hope.  Whether it provides us with an impetus to actively put forth effort toward change, or merely offers us the strength to carry on through darkness, when we harbor faith in our hearts, hope remains alive and therefore, even when the present moment may challenge us or bring us down lower than we have ever been before, we know somewhere deep inside that eventually, all shall be well.

What if the safe harbor we seek in these dark moments is within us?  What if  when we are faced with circumstances beyond our control we remember to light a candle?  What if we have faith that our fears will burn away in the flame and that the wings of our heart will unfurl to allow us to fly again?  What if we choose to embrace hope with all that we are?

I know this rose will open… 

~ Christiana


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