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June 27 – Listening: Do You Hear What I Hear?

Anyone here who has had a conversation with me over the last year or so  knows that I have been grieving and processing the death of my mother in November of 2104.  As the executrix of the estate my parents … Continue reading

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The Sacred: Sacred Light

While there are things that make me crazy at Christmas time (traffic, consumerism), there is much that I do like about the Christmas season, not the least of which is all the colorful, creative, and sometimes subtle, light displays that … Continue reading

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Harbor: Hope

“I know this rose will open. I know my fear will burn away.  I know my heart will unfurl its wings. I know this rose will open.” ~ Mary E. Grigolia This rose burst into bloom two days ago, on … Continue reading

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Loss: Lost and Found

Years ago I served as the Youth Activities Coordinator for the UUA’s Joseph Priestley District, a five-state region that included the District of Columbia. One of my roles in this position was to work closely with the District Youth Steering … Continue reading

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Foundations: of Personal Faith

My personal faith is an ever evolving entity.  I may read or hear or learn something which causes me to think and reconsider what I previously “knew”, but the foundation of my faith is within, not with-out. I have often … Continue reading

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Foundations: Spring Awakening

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.  There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature – the assurance that dawn comes after night, and … Continue reading

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The Library: Hallowed Ground

As part of a “getting to know you” game, we were asked at a dinner to show something we had in our wallets that was of importance to us.  That night, I found three library cards in my purse.  We … Continue reading

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The Labyrinth: A Holy Place

When our heart is in a holy place, When our heart is in a holy place We are blessed with love and amazing grace, When our heart is in a holy place. ~ hymn lyrics by Joyce Poley One of … Continue reading

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Wings: Raw Material

When a baby bird leaves its nest for the first time, it is not without trepidation.  Often its mother must physically push it from the branch in order for it to attempt flight, and even then it may take two … Continue reading

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Sowing: Seeds of Faith

Last night was the UUCG annual fundraising event.  Traditionally, this event has been an auction, but this year we tried something different.  This year we had what was more of an “auction-themed party”.  Guests would offer their donation at the … Continue reading

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