Harvest: Water Meditation

In many of our reflections during October on the theme of Harvest, the Water element has been and will continue to be a flowing current.  We hold memories of family gatherings, of relationships that we have cherished, of activities that have shaped our lives, inside and out.

Our senses are acutely involved in the work of memory and relationships:  the smell of fall air, of autumn leaves, of certain vegetables cooking like squash and pumpkin, the sounds of football games and roasting hot dogs and barbecues: all of these sensory and sensual experiences root us in a time of the year that we still identify with the Harvest.  The truth is, though, that for most of us, the real harvest is what happens and has happened between us and our loves.

It is traditional that at this time of the year, human beings find ways to ritualize and honor the memory of their dead.  We have this great harvest of memory and human relationships that are incredibly important to us.  What are you smelling and seeing these days that bring memories back into your mind and body?  What foods are you eating that somehow connect you to a family experience, a friend, or a love who has passed? When you cast your sight behind you, who are the loves who have passed over who now support you in the realm of feeling, of heart, of memory?  When you bring your vision to the present, who are those loves, friends, and relations who make up the harvest of your life right now?

During these days of October we can collect what the element of Water streams into our lives, and make an offering of gratitude.

Bob Patrick

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