Harvest: Your Personal Growing Season

When planning a garden it is important to be aware of the growing season for each individual crop you intend to plant.  As a born-and-bred city girl, this was something I hadn’t given much thought to until I moved to Georgia.  I quickly learned, though, that veggies such as radishes and leaf lettuce have a much shorter period of time from seed to maturity than do kale and winter squash (for example).

Also, people are like crops.

People are like crops because we each have different nurturing needs, and we each have our own unique rate of growth.  Whether we face joyous circumstances, stressful situations, or truly devastating events, every individual will react differently.  I know that there are times at the end of a particularly challenging day that I just need time alone to recover, regroup, and renew.  While others might simply be able to bounce back in similar circumstances, for me, the depth of the challenge usually determines the length of my recovery.  What’s important is that we give ourselves permission to take whatever time we need to nurture ourselves, until we again feel whole.  When we do this – allow ourselves time – we fortify our own strength and resilience, preparing us to face those situations, events, and circumstances which lie ahead.  Time spent in self-care is never wasted.

Regardless of the length of your own personal growing season, never doubt that it will culminate in a bountiful harvest.  Be patient with yourself.

~ Christiana 


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