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A Basket Full of Comfort

Heritage has at its core the word inheritance, an allotted portion. For each of us, this includes the chromosomal inheritance of our biology. This means my hazel eyes and Welsh fair skin were allotted to me by my parents. More … Continue reading

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The Labyrinth: Finding a Path for Two

My mother has dementia.  It’s been an intriguing journey figuring out where her mind is and where it’s going.  Most days she’s easy to talk with about what she’s doing and what’s happening in her life in this moment.  In … Continue reading

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Sustenance: Grandmother’s Daffodils

When I was growing up in Macon, GA we went frequently to my Dad’s home place in Warner Robins.  It was about a 30 to 45 minute ride but was out in the country for me.  Memories of these visits … Continue reading

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Storehouse: Tell Me a Story, part 2

(Tell Me a Story, part 1 was published this past Sunday, and can be found here.) “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  ~ Maya Angelou I love the stories that are a part of … Continue reading

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Harvest: Water Meditation

In many of our reflections during October on the theme of Harvest, the Water element has been and will continue to be a flowing current.  We hold memories of family gatherings, of relationships that we have cherished, of activities that … Continue reading

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Harvesting Memories

Contemplating this theme of “harvest” has brought back some very distinct memories for me. That, coupled with the scent of autumn on the air, has afforded me the ability to recall events long past that might otherwise have been lost … Continue reading

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