Peace In This Moment

Peace Is This Moment Without Judgment by Dorothy Hunt

​Do you think peace requires an end to war?
Or tigers eating only vegetables?
Does peace require an absence from
your boss, your spouse, yourself?…
Do you think peace will come some other place than here?
Some other time than Now?
In some other heart than yours? 

​Peace is this moment without judgment.
That is all. This moment in the Heart-space
where everything that is is welcome.
Peace is this moment without thinking
that it should be some other way,
that you should feel some other thing,
that your life should unfold according to your plans. 

​Peace is this moment without judgment,
this moment in the Heart-space where
everything that is is welcome.

I was fortunate enough to be able to do community theater work while the kids were young and loved it! 

My favorite role was as Mary Magdalene in “Godspell”. 

I was super proud to have my parents come and visit us during a show week and  couldn’t wait for them to see me in this musical about Christ. What better show for my Pentecostal parents to see me in?

My mom had some issues. At 7 AM the next morning she was in the car waiting for my dad to get the luggage on day 2 of a 7 day visit. My dad encouraged me to go and talk to her. She told me if that is what I had aspired to become after leaving the church then she was ashamed. I was not the daughter she raised – such a disappointment. That this was what I left my duties as a wife and mother to do. 

Took me a while to get past that judgment from this person who I counted on for everything for so much of my childhood. 

But I found my peace again in moments I allowed myself without judgment and created a heart space for myself where I was welcome. 

~Lydia Patrick

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