Love Makes a Bridge: Connection Through Writing

I find that every day I make a connection with myself.  I write something I didn’t know I had the ability to, or I speak of things beyond my own imagination.  I see a new side of myself every single day.  I can inspire myself to keep going by seeing my own potential.  I can get lost in my own imagination.  I never actually realize the beauty of the mind.  I can make the deepest connection with a group of people much wiser than I, through my simple pure honesty, expressed through small symbols.  For we are far from perfect, yet we can create the most intricate meanings and connections from sounds we have created ourselves.   Language.

I can show people a side of things from my own imagination, and let them build their own version of it in their mind.  I can make people see a new perspective.  I can change someone’s mindset or opinion.  By writing, I can create my own safe, private place and put anything, no matter how meaningful or personal it is to me, out into the open for the whole world to see.  What is more perfect than pure honest emotion poured out onto a page by someone whom you previously just didn’t get?  It can change our whole understanding of any situation.

I can verbally guide someone through a metaphorical tunnel.  I can use my understanding of language to explain to someone my deepest thoughts.  What is more divine than watching someone read your feelings and relate and enjoy your work?  I can connect with someone by reading their hard work.  I can see into a person’s past by reading about their imaginary world.  I can read poetry and have a better understanding of the entire world, as well as of them, personally.

That is why being an author is difficult; you have to convey your feelings in a believable yet interesting way.  One that I can interpret by any means through my own understanding, and teach myself with your guidance.  This is why I want to be an author, so I can connect and teach people at the very ends of the world, even if I don’t know of it.  I don’t need to know that my reader agreed with me, I want to know my reader understood me, my feelings, who I am.

I want to know that you do, too.  I want to make that connection.

~ Devon, age 12

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2 Responses to Love Makes a Bridge: Connection Through Writing

  1. Margaret Townsend says:

    Thank you for sharing this mature writing of a 12-year-old! May we never lose the connection of writing.

  2. Deborah Dietzler says:

    As I told Devon after the service on Sunday, he was amazing! This is an outstanding piece of writing and his delivery of it was most powerful.

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