Renewal: Overnight Renewal

Remember those face creams that claim to remove wrinkles and make you younger overnight? Perhaps you use such creams now. Perhaps they work … I don’t know. I tried some different ones over the years but never could tell if they made a difference.

I do recall though, with great fondness, the year that my beloved and I went on vacation for a week and very intentionally went to bed each night without setting an alarm. We easily got eight to nine hours of sleep each night for a solid week. At the end of the week we both looked a few years younger.

Since then we’ve learned much more about the importance of a good night’s sleep. Studies indicate that it is during our sleep time that memories are developed and “saved” to our brain’s database. Cells regenerate, dreams take us to new places, weight control is improved, and our bodies, minds and spirits are renewed when we are able to get ample sleep.

Yet, the demands on our time and energy are many, and our priorities pull us in several directions and sleep is often sacrificed. Sleep apnia has become epidemic it seems. Sleeping aids such as Ambien, Benadryl, and Melatonin have become common in our culture. I know people who are very intentional about their sleep, and others who catch it when they can.

What is your relationship with sleep? Refreshing, renewing? Fraught with challenges and stress? What is your experience of life when you have enough sleep? When you have too little?

I find that when we don’t allow time for our bodies, minds, and spirits to renew overnight we may have a tendency to sleep through our lives … too busy to notice the small wonders and explore the larger mysteries, or just too tired to be fully present to the beautiful souls who walk with us during the day. May you sleep well tonight, fully renewed to enjoy your Sunday Sabbath.

Rev. Jan Taddeo


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