Renewal: Earth Meditation

Remember a time when you were outside of any human made building and in some way or another in contact with the earth.

Perhaps you were sitting on the ground, under a tree, or near a body of water, or perhaps you had the glorious opportunity to lie on your back and stare into the sky.

Perhaps it was just yesterday and you were going for a walk or riding your bike in the neighborhood.

Perhaps you were on a camping trip and you pitched a tent on the earth, built a fire, went fishing, sat on a log or stone and cooked your meal in the open.

Remember a time when you were outside, touching the earth, connected in some way to our Mother, the Earth, through direct or near direct contact.  If the memory is recent, this may be easy, and if the memory is distant, this may be more difficult, but can you remember how making contact with the Earth changed you?

Today is a new day.  Find some way, this very day, to make contact with the Earth, our Mother.  Touch her.  Allow her to touch you.  Walk.  Sit.  Gaze.  Smell.  Listen.  She speaks, touches, sends smells.  Offers vistas.  Every sensory reception of the Earth, our Mother, is an invitation to come home, to rejoin the One from which we come.

Are you confined indoors today, and cannot get outside?  Then, find some wood, some stone, some soil (potted plant?), or open a window that allows the outside to blow inside, and with any one of these contacts, touch the earth, solid earth.  You are home.

Bob Patrick

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