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The Kitchen: Chanukah’s gift

It is tradition to gift Chanukah gelt (money). While the origin of this tradition is wrapped, somewhat, in mystery, there are a few possibilities. The lights of Chanukah are only meant to spread the story of the holiday, and certain … Continue reading

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December 22–The Kitchen: The Flavors of Chanukah

Jewish holiday is often centered around the kitchen, as it is tradition that the food we eat reflects the holiday we celebrate. What comes from this is a variety of rich traditions based in the kitchen reflective of not only … Continue reading

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Advent (Hope): Chanukah

There is a conversation that I have with my dad, like clockwork, when I take a new class. I begin, usually in tears, about my inability to do anything remotely useful with Latin. My dad responds, reminding me of the … Continue reading

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Storehouse: Chanukah

Getting my chanukiah ready is my favourite part of preparing for Chanukah. It is made from stone and metal and has a small crack on the right side. It cannot be done quickly. First, it is unwrapped from the bubble … Continue reading

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