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Best Friends, Not Bookkeepers

A coworker recently got married and, before the weekend of the ceremony, we held a smallparty for her in the office. As these things often do, we had snacks, games, and there were alsocards for others to fill out with … Continue reading

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Belonging: Spiritual Home

I was born into a non-practicing Baptist family. We did celebrate Easter and Christmas but not much else. That was my religious upbringing. I had to go on my spiritual journey alone.  When I was a teenager, I was an … Continue reading

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Belonging: Doors

Growing up in a church gave me a sense of belonging both to the congregation and to their beliefs. Our family life revolved around Sunday school, Sunday worship services, Wednesday suppers, choir practices, and revivals. At eight, I was baptized … Continue reading

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Belonging: Just As I Am

“I am you, you are me, and we are all together.”  ~ John Lennon  I want to belong, to be part of! A large part of this need to belong is about survival. We come into physical existence totally dependent … Continue reading

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Belonging: Pokemon Politics

My 9-year-old granddaughter is homeschooled, but on Thursdays she goes to a “hybrid” school program with other homeschooled kids. This year she is in a class with mostly kids she didn’t know before. After the second week, I picked her … Continue reading

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Open the Window: Dangerous Things 3

In her sermon on Sunday, Rev. Charlotte Arsenault made this powerful observation: that when Unitarian Universalists covenant ourselves to our seven Principles, we are covenanting ourselves to dangerous things.  Standing together for our Principles has meant throughout our history individuals … Continue reading

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Come, Come Whoever You Are: And Bring Your Knapsack

As a white person living in this culture, who wants to confront the white supremacy system that continues to run the institutions that we all participate in, I am coming to realize that this means owning how I benefit from … Continue reading

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