The Delight

Delight to me is a tricky word. Is delight just another word that expresses joy? Maybe, it’s a softer joy. I often say, tears of joy not tears of delight. Delight does not express deep emotions for me.

A dear friend believes that a surprise is a delight. I have to say that I never thought of it in that way. I have had many surprises that were not very nice. But, I have also had many delightful surprises.

My sister’s delight is a fleeting but happy moment. She told me that having coffee with a loved one is a delight. Can you believe it, I’m a delight!  A decadent and delicious dessert is also a delight for her. I definitely agree with her. Who can turn down a sumptuous slice of chocolate cake. 

What is a delight to me? Sitting on my swing on a beautiful, breezy day brings a smile to my face. That first sip of a very cold Coca Cola awakens my senses. Reading the first few pages of a book and just knowing that this is going to be a good book jolts my emotions. Yes, these small things are a delight to me. 

Let me know what your definition of delight is. Is it a small surprise or a decadent dessert? Is it a fleeting moment or does it stay with you? Is it a little of everything or something different? 

Writing this has been a delight! 

~Rita Romero 

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8 Responses to The Delight

  1. Peggy A says:

    My delight is being with people who make me smile and laugh when we are together. Rita, seeing your smiling face is always a delight to me. You have been through many difficult times, but still can radiate joy and delight through your beautiful smile.

  2. Barbara says:

    A beautiful smile is a delight. Going out to dinner at a special place where the service and vibe make me feel comfortable is a delight. My husband coming home after spending a few days away is a delight. It’s almost like things that I have most/some of the time that I forget about for some moments but then they come back is my definitiin of a delight. Delight is like remembering that these things are still there.

  3. Lydia M Patrick says:

    Decadent dessert shared with a loved one…. And we don’t have to be eating the same decadent thing. I am delighted to share even the time and space each of us relishing in our own delight!

    Annnnnd being greeted with a furry hug every single morning from Millie….

  4. katrina yurko says:

    Simple delights come and go, many times they are unnoticed. I am trying to make myself more aware and receptive of simple delights, savor them, hold them in mind and heart, tell myself that this is my simple delight, here and now. My grandson, Bryce, is a delight. I watch him sleep, I have silly conversations with him, we joke and laugh and eat snacks.
    I also love to draw, paint and weave spraypainted surfaces. I really have to make time to do this because the delight I find in the work gives me a sense of balance.

  5. Rita Romero says:

    That’s wonderful. Love your delights.

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