Diggin’ in the Dirt

The first week of June is National Garden Week. I can remember spring as a child watching my Dad plant tomatoes in our back yard. I didn’ see the fascination at the time but he was so proud of them and we were sent out to pick ripe ones for salads at night. Growing up on Long Island the yards were never much to speak of but every inch was planned whether with flowers or shrubs or food. I never knew my Italian grandparents on my dad’s side but I knew that they were farmers. Coming to America and having their own plot of land to grow vegetables was probably such a delight for them. 

Since Bob and I were married we have moved a few times between Georgia and Alabama. Wherever we landed we planted stuff in either the front or back yards depending on the sun. Again, I was not as fascinated with the process as much as Bob and the kids – but over time I have come to feel such joy and celebration when something one of us planted grows. 

What gives me utter joy and absolutely delight is the way our now grown children talk to us (mostly Bob) about their yards and gardens and what they are growing. Burying something in the dirt and then watching for new life is so amazing. They talk about what spots get the most sun and what will grow best where and if something is not looking quite right we’ll get a phone call about it. 

They have compassion for mother nature and have a plan to keep mother earth safe. They protect the plants and animals and have plans for a better future on this planet. What joy! What delight! 

~Lydia Patrick

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  1. Peggy A says:

    What a great gift you and Bob have given to your children – the awe and wonder of growing things.

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