The Mystery of Santa

Ah, the mysteries of the season, of winter and Santa! Every child’s dream this time of year is to write or visit Santa to tell him what you want for Christmas. I was no different, every year the mystery of this season had me giddy with excitement. My Christmas list always included a poney. 

The year I got a scooter, not a poney, was the year that I swore I saw Santa. My sister, cousin and I were outside playing with our new toys, my sister got a bike, cousins got a skateboard and a scooter as well. Up in the sky was a streak of shimmery green and the beginning of the streak was a bright red. So not only did I believe in Santa but Rudoulph too! 

This mystery brough magic and imagination to my mind. I believed in this magic of Santa and his reindeers for probably much longer than I should have. It wasn’t till later that I admitted that most likely I saw a comet. 

I’m in awe of people at this time of the year. The enigma of the whimsy of people and their openness to hospitality and generosity. It’s as if the cold weather and dark days bring more of the need for people to be close and warm to each other. 

This brings me to wonder about the reality of Santa. I don’t believe in Santa or that he’s a real person, but I do believe in the spirit of Santa, and I think that mystery resides in each of us as we ponder on our abundance of generosity in the month of mystery. 

~Candice C Carver

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