The Sun’s Long Kiss

In the longest light of the year’s high crest,

Where sun-drenched hours stretch unconfined,

The Summer Solstice gently wakes

The sleeping seeds of my soulful mind.

Upon the earth, a radiant dance

Of golden beams and verdant floor,

Whispers through leaves in an emerald trance,

Where my heart renews and spirit soars.

Celestial fires blaze above,

In arcs of warmth that kiss my cheek,

Each ray a touch from my Sun-God’s love,

A blessing for the strong and meek.

Beneath the azure vaults so wide,

Our Druids with oak and hawthorn crowns,

Circle ‘round the bonfire’s side,

Where mystic words and chants abound.

The air, alive with potent dreams,

Carries the notes of flutes and lyres,

Across the fields, alongside streams,

Igniting Midsummer’s nocturnal fires.

Dew-kissed flowers at dawn’s first light,

Collected with a tender care,

Hold the magic of the night,

An offering of earth, an herbal prayer.

On this longest day, I pause, a breath,

I honor the sun and its tireless flight,

From morning’s first blush to twilight’s wraith,

In the embrace of the shortest night.

So spin, O Earth, with graceful poise,

And tilt towards the source of day,

As we, your children, with uplifted voice,

Celebrate, reflect, renew, and pray.

Embrace the gift of Solstice bright,

For within its glow, I find release—

From the shackles of the fading night,

In the sun’s long kiss, a deep, sweet peace.

~Candice C Carver

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2 Responses to The Sun’s Long Kiss

  1. katrina P yurko says:

    What a wonderful Poem. I enjoyed it last Sunday when you read it during worship. It really captures the longest days and the ambiance of the coming summer seeping into the cycle of life. Certain poems (like this one) carry me along as I float through the whispers and echoes of the elements. A healing journey !

  2. Peggy A says:

    Beautiful poem! Thank you, Candace, for your poetic words of inspiration.

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