A few weeks ago as I was ironing this shirt for church I noticed it was thread bare in some places. As I moved the hot iron over it I could see those threads pulling even more. I thought, “This will be the last time I can wear this shirt”. 

It made me sad. I have had this very shirt for over 20 years. It has moved with me 3 times and been with me through nearly twice as many career moves. 

It is a red denim shirt and I feel powerful wearing it. The color red is associated with fire, sacrifice, danger, love, and passion. It’s RBG is 100, 0, 0. So, on the color spectrum it is 100% red with no blue or green pigment at all. To me that says, “All In”. 

I have worn this shirt for presentations at work, at difficult meetings, and when I want to appear self confident and noticed in public. When I think about all of this it sounds like I wear this shirt when I am at my most vulnerable. 

Isn’t it interesting this a piece of red fabric holds so much meaning? It is like a bit of armor to gird myself against attack. 

Then I started feeling thankful. I am thankful this one red shirt has seen me through so many changes. This one bit of fabric has helped me grow past vulnerability about change, movement, associations, and ideology. Without saying a word this garment has been a source of strength, comfort, and friendship.  Actually, it has said a lot to me – just not in words.

~Lydia Patrick

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  1. Katrina says:

    Beautiful symbols of change and personal evolution. Kinda funny that this shirt’s worn edges have held fast for so long, and now, it is near the end of its faded glory. The shirt holds a history best known by the one who irons it and makes it presentable over and over again. It’s now that you can hang it up for the last time . You will make any shirt
    look good. Just because you are the one wearing it .!

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