Why Me?

Why is it, when one problem is solved another takes its place?  Why me? Why always me? Well, that’s my anxiety talking to me. It always overwhelms me by telling me nonsense. The thing is most of the time I listen to it. 

My water heater had a leak, it was replaced, The water heater did not stress me out because I knew it had to be replaced for a while. It was replaced with joy.

Two days later, my shower started leaking and making a whistling noise. Well, my old friend, anxiety decided to visit me. It was a rough evening. 

The next morning friends of mine came to see if they could fix it. They could and the part was ordered. Well, my anxiety reminded me how much I don’t enjoy its company. I had to find a way to my center, my peaceful place. 

I told myself that I did all that I could do. I sat down and turned on the tv. I picked up my crochet and focused on those two things. I’m crocheting a rug for a reading nook that I will have for myself. I kept telling myself that in the end, it will be ok, I kept telling myself that throughout the day. Even when a nut was stripped, I kept telling myself that everything will be ok. 

I’m happy to say that I stayed calm. Anxiety didn’t put me over the edge this time. I don’t know about next time but this time finding my peaceful place, my center, helped me greatly.

~Rita Romero 

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  1. P A says:

    I love reading your reflections. They remind me so much of myself.

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