Connection and Collage

I’ve long been fascinated with the art of collage. I love using images and various items to create a story or to explore a concept. The process of selecting images and items feels contemplative and playful at the same time. It’s a process that is all consuming — the rest of the world seems to melt away while I’m moving images and items around on the “canvas” – which could really be any surface that attracts my attention. I have a lot of collages in my spaces!

In 2020 my sister, my best friend, and I took part in an ‘Air-BnB Experience’ via Zoom to learn more about the art of collage. The artist, born in Venezuela, lived in Barcelona and her parents live in Roswell, Georgia. My friend was in Florida, my sister in Alaska, and I was in Michigan at my son’s house. Our very gathering felt like a collage! 

We were at the height of the pandemic, connecting across great distances, creating art together. I get quite emotional remembering what a life-giving activity this was. Our time together was a balm for the ache of loneliness that had lodged in my soul since the beginning of the pandemic. 

The image I created honors the lines of connection and relationship that sustained me then, and sustain me still. My creation from that workshop holds a special place on my altar, reminding me every day that I am not alone, and all the world is one. 

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  1. Dot Everhart says:

    I highly recommend the process of SoulCollage(r), created by Seena Frost and shared by facilitators around the world. We make small collages on 5”x8” mat boards to represent pasts of ourselves, members of our community, animal companions and archetypes that guide us. The wisdom within us is recognized through images. For more information, check out or I’ve been making cards since 2005 and find this one of my most useful spiritual practices!

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