Christmas Day: Silent Night Meditation


Silent Night,

Be still and quiet.  Let the sound of silence envelop you and provide comfort.

Holy Night.

Feel the divine energy of the Universe in the air; open your heart to the hope it offers.

All is calm, all is bright 

Even in the darkness there shines the light of Love; open your heart to the joy it holds.

‘Round yon virgin mother and child,

This Love surrounds and embraces every being that draws breath; all of humanity, all in the animal kingdom.

Holy infant so tender and mild.  

Breathe into that divine spark within yourself, within each of us.  Acknowledge the sacredness of life.

Sleep in heavenly peace,

Quiet your body, quiet your mind.  Find peace and solace in the stillness and divinity of this moment.

Sleep in heavenly peace. 


Merry Christmas.  Blessed be.

~ Christiana

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