Advent (Love): True Self, part 3

What if each human being is a true Self which, ultimately, cannot be hurt?  If we find our way to see this the possibility of true power, love and peace enter our lives.  This creates the very real possibility that on the occasion of coming face to face with one who has hurt me, I can turn to my true Self and stand naked, without façade, in the face of that person and be whole.  I can be true to my Self and in so being, I can be true to the other who once hurt me.  I even suspect that when I am able to do this I may evoke the true Self of the other person as well.

Practicing seeing my true Self makes this more possible each day. This kind of personal practice requires not only daily choice, but courage.  The courage involved has nothing to do with facing down an enemy.  The courage is about turning to our own true Self and doing what it takes to see, accept and honor the true Self.  Seeing, accepting, and honoring the true Self of any human being, including the one who looks back in the mirror, is how I understand love.  The courage requires us to draw on the true Self and to leave the facades aside.  That is the power of love.  The courage requires us to honor the facades for how they have protected us along the way, and how they may still do that from time to time.  That is the generosity of love.  That courage requires us to let go of judgment, against the facades, against others who have hurt us, and to be the true Self that we are—in the face even of those who have hurt us.  That is the risk that love is willing to take.

Are you ready to practice?

Bob Patrick

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  1. Bob Patrick says:

    This man knows the true self. He also knows the facades. Worth a watch.

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