Advent (Eternity): Anticipating the New Year

As we know, advent is the coming or arrival of a significant event.  Although Christmas day has come and gone, and the traditional liturgical period of Advent is behind us, we are still anticipating the arrival of something significant: the New Year.  When we are awaiting something, at times it may seem as though what we are anticipating may never arrive, but then we look behind us and wonder where the time went.  2013 was a new year… what, yesterday?  And in what seems like the blink of an eye, we are bidding it farewell.

I have written before about my daily practice of brewing a cup of tea and taking a moment to breathe before facing the events of the day.  Today I offer an expansion of this practice, which serves to celebrate the year that has passed, while looking forward with hope to the year ahead.

This ritual asks you to deliberately anticipate the events of the coming year, as you would review your appointments on a typical morning.

Take down your 2013 calendar (if you have one).  Think about the months of the year behind you – occasions celebrated, gifts given and received, challenges faced and conquered…  What intangible gifts have you received from the past 365 days?  What lessons have you learned?  How have you grown?  Now sit down with your pristine new 2014 calendar, and month-by-month enter the special events you are anticipating: family birthdays, community events, personally important holidays, time commitments…  Contemplate your calendar, and consciously send Love ahead to the year that is about to unfold before you.

In the coming 365 days there are myriad blessings set aside for you.  In the spirit of Advent, can you anticipate them with hope and joy?  Can you anticipate encountering them with a perspective of peace and Love?  Can you feel eternity in this moment, and the moments to come in the New Year?

~ Christiana


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4 Responses to Advent (Eternity): Anticipating the New Year

  1. Lydia says:

    Lovely- thanks… I needed this.

  2. June Warfield says:

    This may sound funny, but I have all of my calendars for at least the last forty years. The last few years I’ve used google calendar and I’m starting to feel that there is “something missing”. Maybe it’s time to transcribe the electronic entries to paper calendars – it would be a good way to do some reflection as you suggest! Thank you!

    • Christiana says:

      June, even though I Love my gadgets, this is exactly why I have not been able to bring myself to switch over to using an e-calendar. I’ve tried several times, but I, too, always get the sense that something is missing.

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