December 30–The Sacred: Prayer and Positive Energy

I have experienced several events in my life in recent months that have called me to pause and send prayer and positive energy to people that I love dearly. I realized in doing this that prayer and positive energy need to be intentional and focused. For myself, I found it helpful in easing my mind when I envisioned a positive outcome. I asked for specific things to occur, however knowing that another outcome may occur.

Surrender is important in this spiritual work. I see this type of practice as sacred in my life because it connects me with everyone with whom I share love and time, as well as those in the world who I do not know personally, but with whom I share breath and common experience.

Ultimately, prayer and positive energy connect me with the Spirit of Life, with whom I dwell most on my daily walks around my neighborhood. This sacred practice has carried me through many tough times, even when I did not pray that often. I have prayed with great joy through gratitude as well. Prayer has always been a part of my spirit. I think I always saw God as bigger than just Jesus when I was a kid, but still saw Him as approachable either way. I always followed the idea of “coming as a child.” It has always been that simple for me.

For those who do not pray, I think that sending positive energy to others (and yourself) works just as well. The point is to spread kindness out into the world. That is the most important spiritual work. And that is sacred work.

Jen Garrison

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