Ecology: Standing on the Side of Love

Almost three weeks ago, the Atlanta area experienced an “extreme weather event”, the effects of which were so catastrophic that they made national news.  People were stranded for hours on the icy roads, in freezing temperatures, without food or water.  The situation was horrific for many, but out of that horror sprung amazing acts of generosity and kindness.  A woman set up a Facebook group where people who were trapped in their vehicles could reach out and ask for help, so that others who were able could find them and offer aid.  People with the means to do so went to the highways, delivering food and water.  Some provided transportation out of the affected areas.  Some opened their homes or businesses to strangers to get them out of the cold overnight.  People came together without concern or regard for any of the artificial definitions that might otherwise have divided them.  Many in the media identified this as “southern hospitality”, but I don’t think so.  What I saw was evidence of the human spirit at work.  Evidence of the power of Love.  In times of crisis, opportunities for faith, Love, and joy are everywhere.

The Standing on the Side of Love campaign urges us to take advantage of these opportunities, on both an individual and a community-wide scale.  The focus is on the premise that “love is the ultimate guiding force in our world”, and that every one of us can make a difference.  The aim is to work consciously to bring about social justice in all spheres of life.

All spheres, including the environment.  Just as we draw strength from our connection to each other, we draw strength from our connection to nature, yet when it comes to the healing of the environment, this commitment can require a huge leap of faith.  We are putting forth effort toward a goal that will not be immediately realized, and we need to let go of the hope for instant gratification.  This work is, more than anything, a gift to our descendants.

Standing on the side of Love is not just about standing for something, it is about working to bring that something to life.  It isn’t enough to be the change we wish to see in the world.  We must also create the change.

What change will you create today?  (Even if the results are not evidenced until tomorrow.)

~ Christiana


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