The Muses: Honesty

meditation  image ©Alice Popkorn

image ©Alice Popkorn

I do not think there is a person on this planet that does not experience some degree of self-doubt at at least one time in their life.  Small children, perhaps, but that supreme confidence of the very young is soon extinguished as we begin to concern ourselves with the opinions of others, and suddenly there develops the voice of the inner critic.  Even people who are aware of their talents and gifts are not always confident in their every ability or accomplishment.  Of course, we are human.  We are fallible.  Just not as often as we think we are.

Appreciation for one’s own work is often elusive because we do not see the fruits of our own creative labor through honest eyes.  No artist wants to be “good” because good is not good enough.  “Good” doesn’t move people, provoke people, inspire people.

Sometimes we convince ourselves that our work is unworthy; that the Muse has abandoned us or – even worse – not shown up at all.  You may look at (or listen to, or taste, or experience) your artistry and see failure.

Know this: If you are creating, she is there.  She is helping you get down deep to that place where there is no falsehood, no deception.  Nothing but raw, unvarnished honesty, which is what allows the greatness to emerge, the masterpiece to be born.

Blink now, and through your Muse’s eyes, see your genius.

What are you creating?  Do not ask yourself to evaluate its merits on a scale of “good-ness”.  All it ever has to be is honest.

~ Christiana 


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