The Muses: Rest, Reflect, & Be Inspired

On Saturdays we take a break from the Words in order to rest and reflect, but this month we’re doing things a little differently.  In honor of the Muses, we are adding just a little inspiration for your Saturday.  It is our hope that you enjoy it… 

 Image credits: used under Creative Commons license

Original Image ©Camile Tulcan

Find a mirror.  Look at your reflection.  Don’t just look – see.  See yourself.  See all that is there to love.  Remember that you, as much as anyone else, deserve your kindness and compassion.  You are inherently worthy of respect, of joy.  You are powerful and creative.  You matter.

Allow the spark that is within you to be what inspires you today.  Allow it to shine forth, that it may be what inspires those around you as well.

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