Birth: Milestones of Rebirth

Some of you can point to a particular event that you consider a born again experience. Perhaps you had a religious conversion or entered a twelve step program. That event served as a major turning point for you, and your “new life” started then.

For many, each day is a new beginning – an opportunity to birth new thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

As for me, I cannot point to a single event as THE major turning point in my life. And, there are many days that I don’t utilize a single bit of creative energy – perhaps these are missed opportunities, and perhaps I just need a break!

What I can point to are a series of milestones – those events that mark life passages. Getting a driver’s license, graduating from college, starting a career, getting married, buying a house, moving across the country, becoming a parent, losing a parent, getting divorced, falling in love, becoming a grandparent, retiring – the list goes on and on and contains both happy events and sad ones.

I can look at each of these milestones and ask myself:

  • What was my life like before this event occurred?
  • How did I expect this event to impact my life?
  • How did it actually impact my life?
  • How did I have to grow to meet the challenges presented by this event?
  • What did I learn?

Each of these milestones represents a change in my life. Although challenging, and producing outcomes that differed from my expectations, each change that I faced was a new beginning. Each change gave me an opportunity to recreate myself, not forgetting the wisdom I had already gained, but evolving to my next best self.

What were the milestones in YOUR life? How have these caused you to grow? What milestones do you still face?

June Warfield

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