Birth: Power of Words

Words have a powerful effect on us. The sounds they make, the meaning they deliver, the memories they stir. They can be beacons of hope that allow us to see through darkness or rocks of despair that weigh us down as though we were slowly falling into a bottomless abyss, carrying the weight of those words.

Some folks love the play on words… some make it their purpose to dive into meanings and usage and twists on commonly understood themes and passages until we all find ourselves caught in a web of interpretations for the same thread of conversation.  We go back and forth in our heads repeating a conversation because we think we heard something underneath what was actually said, and we can’t let go of it until we figure it out.

Words have power… a lot of power. What you hear someone say to you can make you cry, hurt you, defeat you; can make you stop in your tracks, can change you. What you hear someone say to you can give you strength, can make you laugh, can uplift you, can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel; can stop you in your tracks and change you.

But the most important words are the words we give ourselves.  What others say to us, about us, and in front of us can twist us up like a pretzel.  The words we give ourselves are more powerful and can untwist us so we can stand up straight again and be proud. Find the words you need for yourself today to rise up and go forward. Be your own champion because you can.

Lydia Patrick

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